Catering For More Than Just Food

Food catering services offer much more than just food in their packages for functions and events. Caterers offer staff to serve food as well as drinks packages to compliment the food selections. Guests and hosts really don’t have to worry about everyone eating, or if there is enough drinks because caterers take on this responsibility. But best of all, there is no worrying about the washing up.

Event catering packages usually include options for drinks packages, priced on a per head basis. These packages serve a set amount of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) or an unlimited bar depending on the price. Beverage packages often start at around $45 per person and include the provision of staff, glassware and beverages. There is often the desire to ‘save money’ and provide drinks yourself, but this entails much more time, money and organisation that meets the eye. For those looking to BYO drinks for a function things like the hiring the correct amount of glassware, organisation and setting up tables for a bar area and estimating enough beverages and soft drinks for the event are often overlooked. There is also the question of keeping the drinks chilled, is it better to hire fridges or fill buckets with ice, and how much will you need?

Finger food catering Melbourne take the hassle out of these problems and have the correct equipment and personnel to ensure that guests are kept hydrated and happy. Staff are also generally included (or can be added for a small fee) in most event and food catering packages. This means that there are enough people at a function to serve food and drinks to guests, clear up empty plates and remove empty glasses and rubbish.

Things that a host probably doesn’t want to have to think about doing themselves during a function. Not doing it at all is probably not an option either, no one likes mingling amongst half-eaten canapés and chewed skewers. Staff members provided by event catering services can take an event to the next level of sophistication and allows not only guests but hosts to have an enjoyable time. Essentially that is what these events are about, celebrating milestones or special occasions and enjoying the company of others, not rushing round serving food to your own guests and worrying about rubbish and glasses. The aim of many event catering services is too make the event as seamless and enjoyable for the guests as possible, so not only do hosts not have to worrying about food, drinks or cleaning but any spills or accidents are resolved by staff. That broken glass, or the food you just saw drop to the ground? The caterers in Melbourne staff will sort these problems out for you, so there is no chance that you will have be on your hands and knees mopping up red wine in your best outfit. That is all looked after for you.