Top 3 Tips To Plan A Birthday Party Within A Small Budget

With these wedding planning tips, you will surely be able to plan the wedding of your dreams. However, you must keep in mind that life isn’t a fairytale and everything cannot be picture perfect. There may be a few ups and downs, but the key is to ignore these hindrances and enjoy your big day!

The life of a parent is no piece of cake! At times it can get quite stressful, from managing the expenses to fulfilling one’s own needs and catering to the requirements of the kids too. Sometimes, the kids make demands that might seem difficult to fulfill whereas the other times they may ask for something as simple as a birthday party. If this might seem something that you cannot accommodate within your monthly budget, then these tips will surely help you plan a party while ensuring you spend the minimum amount of money on this.

Shop smart
Most parents make the mistake of going to the party planning stores that have the most beautiful displays with extremely high prices. Such places are a definite no-no when planning a party with a tight budget. Instead, you must look around for wholesale party suppliers or the usual department stores that dedicate a small corner for party items and offer some great deals too. Apart from shopping smartly, you must also ensure that you choose the appropriate venue. There are several private function rooms Melbourne that are ideal to host kid’s birthdays and some offer great discounts during off peak hours too.

Don’t stress about the menu
Firstly, keep in mind that kids come to a birthday party to enjoy and play games and make new friends. They barely notice what food is being served or how flawless the décor is. However, they do notice the cake and for several days, the ‘hot topic’ in school is going to be ‘how big and amazing so and so’s birthday cake was. So stop sweating the small stuff and don’t put in too much effort to set up an elaborate menu. A few finger food items along with a colorful drink and a beautiful cake will do the trick and instead of spending too much on the food, you can use that money to get a bigger cake.

Keep it simple
Apart from keeping the menu simple, it you must also try to simplify the other aspects such as your choice of venue. You don’t have to go around looking for function rooms for hire to host your child’s birthday. Instead, you could save a great deal of money by hosting the event at your backyard or living room and spend that money to decorate the house so nicely, that the kids don’t even realize that the party is being held at home.It’s all about maintaining a balance. You don’t have to spend thousands on a birthday party to please your child. All it takes is smart planning and finding the right places to make your purchases. Once you master the art of shopping within your budget, planning any event might seem like a piece of cake. So, keep these tips in mind if you wish to see your child happy while ensuring you don’t punch a hole through your wallet. For more information, please log on to