The study the human body is one of the most complex and sensitive study ever to exist. One small mistake can end a life and that is what makes it a very risky and sensitive job. Have you ever heard the story where a mechanic asks a doctor what is the difference between our jobs? I fix the engine of the car and you fix the engine of the human but our salaries have a big difference. The doctor then replied, the difference is that I fix the engine while the engine is switch on. That is basically how complex of a job is for a doctor. Because of this complex study it is quite hard for a single doctor fathom the brains out to learn every part of the body in detail. Thus, we have doctors being specialized in the study for different parts of the body.Surgeons are the doctors you find at the operating table performing surgeries. Since surgeries happen from head to toe each body part is complex thus there are several types of surgeons such as general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, oral surgery, etc. The complexity of a surgery cannot be understood or explained some surgeries go on for more the 12 hours while some just last half an hour.

Dermatologists are the doctors that work with your skin conditions. They treat you at a Australian Laser & Skin Clinics and sometimes they work at cosmetic clinics as well. They work with the structure of the skin, functions and diseases related to it. They examine risk factors if they have allergies and risks of getting skin cancer are their main jobs.Cardiologists treat where it matters the most – the heart. There many diseases that related to heart and people come to them to get them treated. They even assess the medical history of their families to see if genetics play a role in the current heart disease because it quite common for it to happen. Based on this they give advice and guidance how to take care of one self.

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The neurologist is someone who takes care of your nerves. Yes, your nervous system can be really complex to work with because it connects your whole body from your spinal cord to your brain.

The family medicine physician is the guy you go meet first for your common problems like cold, migraine and so on. He is knowledgeable in all the ranges but on the basic level for people of all ages. A physician is someone who is specialized in pediatrician and an internist combined.